BlackPlayer EX.

The Latest Musical App For Android Users.

BlackPlayer EX is the new guy which is introduced by TutuApp apk android store for Android users specially.This software tool contain with more features and avoid many issues,fix some bugs.Try out the free version which always gets new upcoming features.Use or websites to achieve your success without facing any trouble.


BlackPlayer EX is a good musically app everything works in good condition.Well organized and complete program,provide higher service for its client.When you install this app for your smart Android device it will detect music and songs on your device automatically and allow to play through this application.Good navigation bar here and which including library,playlist,equalizer,discover,visualizer and setting.Each icon will provide special features for you.

Library icon is contain with few pages such as…Play Now,Tracks,Folders,Artist,Album and Genres.Playlists has all history about recently played,favorites,Recently added and Most played songs.Equalizer mainly provide sound effect with changing sound balance, bass boost,virtualizer,volume and amplifier.With Zap icon you can discover unplayed tracks and it also plays random tracks five seconds each.Visualizer settings will provide background effects like Tunnel,,circle,line,shadow lines and start full screen visualizer.

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